maandag 19 april 2010

ConfigMgr: Software Update Point - The server name or address could not be resolved

The first thing I recommend costumers who are using SCCM is: Install the ConfigMgr Admin Console on a management server and keep your hands off the site server. This way when you accidentally fire up a script that contains a reboot, it'll restart your management server and not your site server. Also, when using it like this it'll keep your site server cleaned up and tidy, which is always something you'd want.

However, when this is the case and you're using a proxy server this also brings along some issues. When trying to download the updates you can run into the following error:
The server name or address could not be resolved

It took me a while to figure this one out, but it's quite easily fixed. Open up internet explorer and go to Internet Options. Now, go to Connections and choose Lan Settings. Fill in the same proxy server, so you can resolve internet addresses without issues. Close and re-open the ConfigMgr Admin Console and try to download the updates again. As you can see, the error is gone.

Hope this helps.


Stefan Hazenbroek

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